Hotel supplies purchasing is a complex process due to the variety and complexity in categories and complicated procedures. Hence, hotel supplies purchasing is a big task.

Currently, hotel supplies purchasing is divided into three main ways as follows:

Hotel Supplies Mall

More and more people are having the feelings that it is extremely tiring to do hotel supplies purchasing in hotel supplies mall or hotel supplies exhibition, the reason is simple, usually this kind of place is very large with a lot of visitors/customers; visiting these places without purposes will be very tiring and ineffective; meanwhile high operational costs for hotel supplies stores including the high rental resulting in higher price for the product that we purchase.

One-Stop Supplier

This is the new model started in recent years, similar to a “compacted” version of hotel supplies mall, which compensates a lot of disadvantages of hotel supplies mall; Generally one-stop suppliers pick their own supply of products to form a more comprehensive supply solution and eliminates the troubles caused for hotel own choices, while it is good for the hotel to have a single vendor in providing better accountability and after-sales support. However, the disadvantage to purchase from one-stop supplier is the prices are higher; the reason is simple, in order to establish this business model, the human resources and operational costs are higher; usually one-stop suppliers are relatively large scale enterprises with established capital, resulting in lower bargaining power of hotel.

Purchase Directly from Manufacturer

Obviously, through this channel reduces the product distribution cost, it is considered the most cost effective purchasing channel. However, the disadvantages are also obvious, there are too many types of hotel supplies, if hotel purchases from a lot of manufacturers, this will increase the complexity of purchasing process as well as operational cost where the after-sice will become difficult to manage; Besides, many manufacturers lack the ability to market themselves, some might not even have websites, stores or other marketing channels, this increases the difficult to find the most suitable manufacturers, but on the other hand, due to the manufacturers weak position in the market, the hotel has high bargaining power in the purchasing process.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons in there: Hotel supplies mall aggregates the different manufactures in one place, one-stop supplier compensates the disadvantages of  hotel supplies mall where the place is big but ineffective, purchase directly from manufacturer compensates the disadvantages of previous two business ways where the prices are relative high.