We have to be honest to inform you that we are not manufacturer. But we have professional source team & sales team, and we know customers’ needs better than factory. We can always provide a satisfy solution for you.
Yes. You can find our catalog in the “Download” page.
Wes sure we would like to source for you. Our aim is to be the one-stop source for hotel supplies.
Just send an inquiry to us, our sales team will reply with 24 hours. We suggest you to advise the specific item, quantity and other special requirements so that we can provide accurate quotation.
It’s hard to provide large-sized products, but ok for small-sized products like guestroom amenities, towel, hanger etc. Please contact us for details.
Most of our products support custom logos, please contact us for details.
Our standard lead time range from 20 – 40 days depends on the order size. Anyway for some items we can ship in 10 days.
Bank Transfer (T/T), Western Union, Letter of Credit (L/C).

Have a question? Great! Contact us and get answer in 24 hours.

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