When people want to import hotel supplies, the first country that comes to mind is definitely China. But due to the wide categories of hotel supplies, and broad distribution of producing areas, for buyers who from other countries, find a right place to purchase from is not an easy task.

And hotel amenities, hotel linens and hotel lobby items are the main three highly purchased hotel supplies, here we give a short introduction of these products’ main producing base in China.

Hotel Amenities

There are two major producing areas in China for hotel amenities: Yangzhou and Shantou. Yangzhou is known as “The City of Hotel Amenities”, there are hundreds of large and small manufacturers here, from small family workshops of a few people, to large factories with hundreds of employees, and hence products are with different qualities. You can buy the cheapest hotel rooms products here, of course, the quality will also be relatively low.

More than 1000 kilometers away from Yangzhou is the southern city of Shantou, which is another concentrated hotel amenities producing place, with a scale relatively smaller than Yangzhou. The products produced here has better quality than from Yangzhou, but the price is naturally more expensive.

Hotel Linens

The hotel linens mentioned here is referring to hotel bedding linen, towel and bathrobes. The main production of the hotel bedding linen is situated in Nantong; towel and bathrobes’ major producer is located in Huaian. Compared to other areas in China, you may get relatively cheaper hotel linen in these two places.

Hotel Lobby Items

Guangdong is China’s largest production base of hotel lobby items, which holds more than a third of China’s hotel equipment and supplies manufacturer, with a collection of kitchen equipment, stainless steel products, ceramic glassware, cleaning equipment and other hotel supplies.

It is estimated that in 2015, the hotel products GDP of Guangdong reached 61 million CNY, accounting for more than 40% of the hotel products GDP of China.

The world’s largest hotel supplies exhibition which is organized twice a year is also held at Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Hence, Guangdong is well deserved as the first location choice for purchasing hotel supplies.