Are you engaged in the hotel supplies industry?
Are you purchase hotel supplies from China?
Are you confused how to make a choice when facing so many hotel suppliers from China?
Well, if your answer is YES, then you’d better check below tips for purchasing hotel supplies from China.

You need to know the main production base of hotel supplies

You can refer to another article to understand the general distribution of hotel supplies industry in China or you can participate in the hotel supplies exhibition to get deeper understanding. Twice a year held in Guangzhou City, the hotel supplies exhibition brings over 3000 hotel supplies enterprises together. You can know about the main production base of the hotel supplies quickly by visiting the exhibition.

Find potential suppliers according to your needs

After knowing the main production base of hotel supplies industry, you can select some potential suppliers according to your needs. If your needs are hotel bedding linens, you can focus on bedding suppliers from Nantong; Or if your needs are guestroom amenities, then suppliers from Yangzhou / Shantou may offer better prices. However, if your hotel is new or under renovating and need a range of hotel supplies, you may also need to select a one-stop hotel products supplier.

Be careful with ultra-low price

In order to buy affordable goods, to have bargaining is necessary. However, during the procurement of hotel supplies you need to be careful with the ultra-low price products. Some irresponsible suppliers will accept the unreasonably target prices from buyers but using some low-grade materials and bring down the products quality in order to gain a profit. Such as, they will use the raw materials which fail to meet the general standard to produce shampoo or using fabrics which have low density / weight to produce the bedding products. These kinds of things are difficult to distinguish in appearance but in the long run it will bring damage to hotel’s customer experience. Such an undesirable outcome is not worth for buyers.

Samples are essential

Have to say that samples play an important role in international trade. Having samples from different suppliers allows you to choose the best one. At the same time sample can be used as a reference for confirming mass production, inspection, and even for future repeat orders. As the quality of hotel supplies varies according to the different hotel stars, having the samples is essential. You can refer to the samples to confirm the color and fragrance of the hotel toiletries, the specification and quality of the fabric and so on.

I’d love to hear how these tips worked for you or any other ideas that have worked for you. Share your thoughts in the comments.